Why Should You Enclose Your Swimming Pool With An Aluminum Fence?

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Why Should You Enclose Your Swimming Pool With An Aluminum Fence?

27 October 2014
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If you have an above-ground or in-ground swimming pool, you're probably aware of the importance of keeping your pool enclosed -- protecting both errant wildlife and neighborhood children. However, there are a variety of enclosure options, ranging from wooden and vinyl privacy fences to see-through aluminum and wrought-iron fences. How can you choose the best enclosure for your purposes? Read on to learn more about aluminum fences and how they can provide a unique advantage for swimming pool enclosures.

Why should your pool be enclosed?

Enclosing your pool may be an obvious choice -- you want to keep children (both yours and neighbors') and pets from accidentally falling into the pool while you aren't home to supervise. However, there are several other advantages to enclosing your pool.

The first is related to your homeowners insurance. The mere presence of a swimming pool will result in higher homeowners insurance rates -- but an unenclosed swimming pool may even render you uninsurable. Constructing a secure, gated enclosure can help to lower your insurance rates so that they are comparable to rates for homes without a swimming pool.

The second deals with homeowner liability. Swimming pools (along with trampolines, ponds, junk piles, and other structures) are considered "attractive nuisances" that can render the homeowner liable for any injuries or deaths resulting from play on or in one of these structures. Even if a child is injured after trespassing onto your property, you may be liable. Enclosing your swimming pool and placing a sign on the outside can ensure that you are protected from lawsuits.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of enclosing your pool with an aluminum fence?

The primary advantage of an aluminum fence is its lightness and durability. These fences are easy to transport and install, and will not rust, fade, or rot -- even after decades of use. Aluminum fences may also be purchased as individual segments, allowing you to replace a portion or extend the fence without investing in expensive repairs. Because these fences are rust-proof, they are the perfect option to resist the water and chlorine in a swimming pool.

One disadvantage of using an aluminum fence is that passersby will still be able to see the pool -- this could present privacy concerns. If you are still worried about children climbing over the fence once they see your pool, you may wish to order fence panels topped with a spear or other spike that would discourage climbing.