3 Reasons Why Aluminum Fencing Is A Good Choice Over Traditional Wood

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3 Reasons Why Aluminum Fencing Is A Good Choice Over Traditional Wood

21 December 2016
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Choosing the right fence for your property can feel like an overwhelming task with so many different choices. From iron with its reputation of stability and longevity to wood with its natural appeal, you will be faced with many options without a doubt. However, aluminum fencing is one choice that stands out to a lot of homeowners, and it is for good reasons that you should know. Here is a quick look at why aluminum fencing makes a better option for most homeowners over traditional wooden styles. 

Aluminum fencing tends to be more versatile than wood. 

Over slopes, gentle hills, and changes in your landscape, it can be quite difficult to make an average wooden fence look like it fits just right without there being gaps in its stance or awkward angles in how it is put together. Aluminum is far more versatile in its design and far more flexible in nature, which means it will give you a much better perimeter coverage. You will not see gaps or awkward angles because it is much easier to conform aluminum to the shape of your property. 

Aluminum is far more resilient to the weather and more durable. 

Wood is a porous material that cannot withstand moisture very well through the years without repeated layers of protective sealant. On the other hand, aluminum fencing is solid in structure and fabrication. It repels moisture and is not prone to deterioration or corrosion with time. Therefore, you will get to reap the advantage of having a fence on your property that requires little to no ongoing maintenance to maintain its stellar beauty. This absolute resiliency is thanks to the material, but also the fact that most aluminum fencing is covered with a durable powder-coat finish during manufacturing.  

Aluminum fencing is considered an environmentally friendly fencing option. 

When you purchase wooden fencing, it means that trees had to be harvested to create that fence. Aluminum fencing can be created fully from recycled materials. Plus, when you want to replace an aluminum fence, the material can just as easily be recycled again instead of tossed in the trash. Additionally, because aluminum does not require ongoing attention with chemical-laden paints and sealers, it is much more gentle on the environment anyway. 

In the end, there are a lot reasons why aluminum fencing just makes more sense. For more information about aluminum fencing, contact a fencing contractor like Tyson Fence Co.