Consider Adding A Gabion To Your Landscape Design

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Consider Adding A Gabion To Your Landscape Design

29 December 2016
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Are you looking for a unique way to spice up your landscape design without a lot of bright colors or anything unnatural? One option to consider is a gabion.

What's a gabion?

 Gabions are not overly common in residential landscaping, so if you're never heard this term before, you're not alone. A gabion is a "cage" created with mesh wire fencing and filled with rocks, soil, or sand. When used in landscaping, it is typically filled with attractive rocks, such as white flagstone or reddish lava rock. Some people even fill gabions with chunks of brick that have been recycled from old structures.

What are some ways to use a gabion?

Gabions are typically placed along ledges. You could place one partway across your yard to divide it into two sections – a pool area and a grilling area, for example. Down the middle of the gabion, you could build a little stairway to get from the upper to the lower level.

Another option is to surround your entire yard with a gabion. It provides a fence-like border, but is typically low enough for you to see over, allowing you to take in the beauty of any land features like mountains or fields in the background.

Some homeowners choose to create a small gabion around a raised flower bed or garden. The key here is to make the flower bed small enough that you can reach all of the way to its center while standing outside the gabion.

How do you go about having a gabion installed?

Many, though not all fencing contractors and landscaping design companies will install a gabion in your yard upon request. The process may take a while since they may need to re-configure the elevation of portions of your yard to create the high and low zones on either side of the gabion.

When exploring your options for gabions, make sure you choose one that's made with very strong mesh fencing. Galvanized steel is a good option since it won't corrode very quickly and is sturdy enough to hold the heavier rocks in place. Also, make sure the rocks or bricks you choose for the inside of the gabion are an attractive color that coordinates with your home. Try to opt for larger rocks rather than smaller ones, as there is less of a chance of them tumbling out of the gabion when the wire mesh ages and begins weakening.

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