Making Chain Link Go With Your Landscaping

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Making Chain Link Go With Your Landscaping

29 December 2016
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If you have a chain link fence or you are considering having one installed, then you may be wondering how you can make a chain link fence fit into your landscaping. The good news is that a chain link fence is actually one of the easier types of fences when it comes to blending them into the rest of the landscaping. This article is full of helpful advice on some of the different ways you can go about working your fence into the rest of the look of your yard.

Have vinyl slats put in that match the color of your house

You can have vinyl slats put into the linkage of a chain link fence that will actually help to make it look as if the fence matches the color of the house. Of course, you will have to be sure you purchase the correctly colored slats in order to pull this look off. Vinyl slats are long, thin and just the right shape to slide in and out of the linkage of your chain link fence. They are weather resistant so they last for a long period of time before needing replacing. They are also easy for you to clean simply by rinsing them off with your garden hose and a high powered nozzle.

Roll rolled wood along the length of the fence

Rolled wood comes in a lot of different types and this is what makes it so easy for you to be able to get one that goes right with the rest of the look of the yard so you can get the entire vibe you are trying to achieve. For example, if you are going for an Oriental theme in your yard, then you'll rind the bamboo rolled wood to be just the thing to drive the entire look home.

Grow whatever you want along the chain link fencing

A very simple way to pull the fencing right into the landscaping is to grow specific types of foliage along it that help you achieve the look you want. Along with helping to give the yard a certain look, the fence can also serve as support for foliage that would otherwise be too weak to stand on its own. You'll also find that growing the foliage along the fence will make it a lot easier for you to trim it because you will have that perfect line of the fence to follow, so you'll know just where to trim at.

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