2 Reasons to Choose Wooden Fences

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2 Reasons to Choose Wooden Fences

4 January 2017
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Adding a fence to your property is a fun way to add a little bit of style and privacy to it. Of course, wooded picket fences are the most popular when it comes to residential construction. However, if you look around your neighborhood, you might notice many people using vinyl. This is a product that is becoming more and more practical simply because it is lower maintenance. While there are obvious advantages to using such a product, many people still prefer the look and style of a wooden fence. This article explains why wood it still a suitable product that you should definitely consider, despite the extra maintenance.

Wood's Style Is Second to None

Most people choose wood simply because the style can't be beat. In fact, many vinyl products are made with a fake wood print in an attempt to replicate the natural product. These never look as good as the real thing. Many homeowners figure that if they want the real the look of real wood, they might as well actually get it. The initial cost of synthetic and wooden products are pretty similar. Wood is just a little more expensive to maintain in the long run.

Wood Is Easy to Customize

One major advantage of choosing wood over vinyl is the fact that it is easier to customize and change over the years. This is due to the fact that vinyl is not easy to paint. It has a surface that is much smoother than wood's, so new paint does not stick very well to it. Basically, if you install a vinyl fence, you are more or less stuck with that color. However, if you install a wooden fence, you can refinish it many times over its lifetime. Not only can you paint it any imaginable solid color, you can also apply a clear or tinted stain. Most people choose stains because they want to show off the natural wood grains and texture of the wood. The fact that you can change your fence color and finish is a huge advantage to homeowners who plan on staying at the property for many years and also plan on updating the color scheme once or twice.

You won't regret investing in a wooden fence, especially if you properly maintain. If, when refinishing your fence, you give it a new color, you can completely change the dynamic of your home, upping its curb appeal and making it stand out a bit.

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