Cedar Is A Classic Fence Choice

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Cedar Is A Classic Fence Choice

25 March 2018
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Adding a fence to your property is very shrewd investment. For a very minimal financial investment, a fence can add a completely new dynamic to your exterior style, increasing your curb appeal, and improving the security of your yard. Since many tract homes are built without fences, homeowners often need to choose their own product and install it after they move in. If you have children or pets, you will obviously want to install a fence as soon as possible. When it comes to residential fencing, it's hard to think of the material that is more beautiful than wood. While many residential builders tend to use modern synthetic materials like vinyl in fiberglass, this article focuses on why wooden fences are still such a great choice.

Some people try to tell you that wood is not a smart investment because it takes so much maintenance. However, popular wood fencing species, like cedar, are extremely water and termite resistant. This means that they can last for decades with hardly any maintenance at all.

Wood Ages Beautifully

The only thing you have to be willing to deal with when it comes to wood is the way that it ages. Many people actually like the way that cedar ages as it picks up a unique patine and fades to look more antique and unique. In fact, some of the synthetic products, like vinyl, are actually made with a fake antique wood finishes. They are basically made to look like 20-year-old cedar wood. Of course, many people would rather just actually install a cedar fence and let their product age naturally.

Wood is Easy to Customize

The great thing about a fencing material like cedar is that it can be left unstained to age more naturally and quickly, or it can be sealed and painted any color imaginable. In fact, of all the fencing materials, wood is the easiest to customize and paint. It is not very easy to repaint vinyl or aluminum fences. Most people apply a clear stain to their cedar in order to give it a little bit of color, but still highlight the natural wood grains. Many homeowners appreciate the fact that with a wooden fence, you can change the color whenever you want. That is, you could change from a clear stain to a solid paint color, to a new tinted stain, and then back to a clear stain.

Basically, over the lifetime of your fence, you can customize it several times and refinish it will always look exactly how you want, and match with the rest of your property. To learn more about how wood fencing could help your outdoor space, contact a business such as Rainier Fencing & Decking