3 Reasons To Add Spiral Stairs To Your Home

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3 Reasons To Add Spiral Stairs To Your Home

21 August 2018
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If your home has multiple floors, then a staircase is required to provide access between each floor. There are many different types of staircases available. The design of the staircase that you select can have a dramatic impact on the function and aesthetic of your home.

Spiral staircases are unique conduits that can offer you and your family a number of benefits.

1. Spiral staircases maximize space.

A traditional staircase with a straight design can take up a lot of space in your home. For homeowners with smaller residences, losing space to a staircase can be detrimental to the function and flow of the property.

Replacing a straight staircase with a spiral staircase allows you to free up more square footage in your home. A spiral staircase needs only a small amount of space to be functional. You can easily increase the amount of livable space within your home by switching to a spiral staircase.

2. Spiral staircases can improve your interior design.

If you are trying to update your home so that it has a more modern feel, then the addition of a spiral staircase can be beneficial. Spiral staircases with open steps and a balustrade that can be seen through do not break up the sight line of a room like traditional straight staircases do. This allows your home to feel more open and airy.

Traditional staircases can also create shadows within a room. These shadows make it challenging to place wall art and other design elements within your living space. Light can easily pass through a spiral staircase, eliminating shadows and creating a more diverse palette for your interior design ideas.

3. Spiral staircases can be placed anywhere.

Building codes govern where traditional straight staircases can be placed. These regulations can limit the placement of a staircase within your home. Making the switch to a spiral staircase gives you the freedom to move the access point between floors to any area you want.

A spiral staircase can be tucked away into a corner or be built in a more visible space. The versatility you enjoy when it comes to placing spiral staircases makes your home more accessible. You can design the placement of your staircase around the floor plan of your home rather than having to make special accommodations for a traditional staircase when designing your living area.

Spiral staircase kits can be used to completely transform the appearance and function of your living space. Start taking advantage of the benefits spiral staircases provide by investing in a custom kit for your home. To learn more, contact companies like Lamonaca Iron Works Inc.