Ask Yourself These Questions Before Installing A Fence

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Ask Yourself These Questions Before Installing A Fence

15 October 2020
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Do you need to get a fence installed to add privacy or contain a pet to your yard? If so, you should ask yourself the following questions before you get started.

Is A Permit Necessary?

You may need to get a fence permit from your local city's building department in order to have one installed. The process is usually straightforward and involves filling out a form and paying a small application fee. They'll review the form, which includes your plan of where the fence will be built and what height the fencing will be, and then approve the project. Permits are not always required, but you could face some problems from your city if you move forward without a permit when it is necessary. 

Is There A Material Restriction?

You may be surprised to learn that there are restrictions on what kind of fencing material you can have stalled around your yard. This often comes up when someone lives in a historical district and there are requirements to use a more traditional fencing material, or someone lives in a homeowners' association and there are restrictions so that all the homes match with a similar fence style. There may even be height restrictions for how tall you can make the fence.

Will Your Neighbors Mind?

Always talk to your neighbors before you install a fence. Not only is it nice to let them know what you want to do, but you could end up saving some money if you both had plans to install a fence. For example, you can use a shadow box fence that looks the same on both sides, and then share the cost on that run of fencing that borders your property line. It can also help work out some property line issues that you may be having, and you can get a land survey done together so that you are perfectly clear where each person's yard begins and ends. 

Are There Underground Utilities?

You'll need to have your city come out and mark all utility lines that are hidden underground before you do any digging. It is very possible to hit an underground electrician, gas, or water line where you need to dig a deep fence post hole. Even if you do not hit a utility line, it's best to know where they are so that you don't build a fence post right on top of it. If the utility line ever needs to be replaced, you'll end up with costly repairs to your fence.

For more information about hiring a fence company to install your fence, contact a local professional.