4 Things To Consider When Selecting Vinyl Fencing

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4 Things To Consider When Selecting Vinyl Fencing

12 January 2021
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Are you going to fence in your yard and have decided to do it with vinyl fencing material? If so, it helps to know the following tips when selecting vinyl material for your yard.

Consider Bottom Steel Reinforced Rails

While the majority of the fencing material is going to be made out of vinyl, some fencing material is reinforced differently along the bottom rail. This is the rail that is constantly in contact with the ground and moisture, it helps to select material that has a bottom rail that has been reinforced with steel. This will help give the fencing material more longevity so it lasts a really long time.

Consider The Wind Resistance

If you are getting a solid panel vinyl fence, you'll want to look at how the material is rated for wind resistance. Those solid panels will trap the wind that blows against it, so a higher rated panel for wind resistance is always going to perform better. If you are selecting a more open style of fencing material, wind resistance is less important, but it should still be highly rated.

Consider The Slope Of the Yard

When installing vinyl fencing on your own, you'll likely be buying panels of fencing material that are already constructed. This can make the installation a breeze, but may not be the best choice for your yard. Those preconstructed panels only work best on yards with very little slope or no slope at all, since a slope will require a stair-step pattern that leaves gaps at the bottom of the fence, making it easy for pets to escape your yard.

If you do have a yard with a big slope, you may need to bring in a fencing contractor to construct the vinyl fence for you. They do this by constructing the fence to the slope of your yard, which eliminates stepping and ensures that your pets are contained in the yard. 

Consider The Post Caps

One of the decorative items you get to select for your vinyl fence is the post caps. These go on top of each fence post and can give the fencing material a stylized look. However, there are many options for post caps and can give you some neat ways to customize your fence. For example, there are solar-powered post caps that can give your fence some nice lighting at night, which charge during the day so that they do not need to be plugged in.

For more information, contact a vinyl fencing contractor.