Installing A Wood Fence Around Your Yard? Follow These 4 Tips

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Installing A Wood Fence Around Your Yard? Follow These 4 Tips

9 August 2021
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Do you want to add some privacy to your yard by installing a wood fence? If so, it will help to know the following tips before you get started so you can avoid problems that many people don't catch during the installation process. 

Plan For Dirt Removal

There is going to be a lot of dirt that needs to be removed to install a fence since there are many post holes that will need to be dug. You'll need to figure out a plan for what to do with all that dirt. Are you going to move it to another part of your lawn that could use the dirt, or do you want to spread it across the bottom of the fence to fill in any gaps? Just make sure that the soil doesn't get too high, which can allow moisture to get trapped in the yard. 

Follow The Yard's Elevation

When you install a fence that uses panels, the only way to deal with changes in the yard's elevation is to stair-step the panels. However, a custom-built fence can closely follow the yard's elevation to avoid any gaps along the bottom of the fence. Make sure to ask your contractor how they will deal with elevation changes. 

Identify Your Sprinkler System Lines

When you call 411 to identify utility lines that are located underground, they are going to point out things like gas and plumbing lines that you cannot see. However, they are not going to identify any lines from an existing sprinkler system that you installed on your own. You'll want to mark these lines the best that you can so that your fencing contractor does not damage one by accident. 

In addition, you may have to move sprinkler system lines that are too close to where the fence will go. Plan to have these lines moved prior to the day of your fence installation, since it will be difficult to dig them out when the fence is installed. 

Check For Protruding Nails

It's possible for there to be protruding nails in the fence after it is installed. This can easily happen when nails are too long and end up going through wood boards that hold the fence together. If you have kids or pets that could be playing against the rear side of a fence, this could be a problem. Protruding nails could be trimmed off with a Dremel tool to get rid of the sharp ends.

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