Questions To Ask During A Fence Quote Appointment

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Questions To Ask During A Fence Quote Appointment

5 May 2023
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If you want to have a fence installed in your backyard, you should start by having a couple of fence companies come out, visit your property, and give you a quote for a fence. These appointments are about more than just getting a price for comparison purposes. They are also about finding out what each fence company has to offer, and figuring out which company's services are most in line with your needs. Here are some questions you should ask during a fence quote appointment.

What heights does the company offer?

Some companies only offer standard, 4-foot fences. Others offer a variety of heights. Ask what heights the fence company offers, and also ask what height they'd recommend for you. If your goal is to maintain privacy or keep a dog in the yard, the fence company might recommend a taller fence. On the other hand, if you want to ensure you can see over the fence, they may recommend a shorter one.

How do they set the fence posts?

There are two main ways to set a fence post. The first option is to set it in gravel. The second option is to pour concrete into each post hole. Concrete is stronger and will protect the posts better, but it costs more. Gravel is usually fine if your fence is made from vinyl, pressure-treated lumber, or another material that won't rot if it comes into contact with water. Ask which approach is the company's standard. If you would prefer the opposite approach, can they do that for you?

Do they finish fences?

Some fence companies install raw wood fences and leave you to finish them. Other companies finish their wood fences. Make sure you are comfortable with how the company approaches finishing. If you don't want to paint or stain your own fence, look for a company that offers finishing services.

What kind of gates do they offer?

Assuming you're fencing your whole yard, you will need a gate. Make sure that the types of gates that the company offers suit your needs. For instance, if you want an automatic gate and the company only installs hand gates, then this may not be the best fence company for you to hire.

Asking these questions will allow you to learn a lot more about a fence company during a quote appointment. Work your way through a few of these appointments, and you'll soon find a company you're excited to hire.

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