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A Privacy Fence

I was raised on a cattle ranch in the country. When I married my sweet spouse, I moved from the country to the suburbs. When I arrived at my new home, I couldn’t believe how close my neighbors’ houses were to mine. Have you recently moved from a rural area to a heavily populated subdivision in the suburbs? Perhaps you want to make your property more secluded from your neighbors. You can accomplish this important task by hiring a fence contractor. This professional can install a privacy fence around your property. On this blog, I hope you will discover the amazing benefits of installing a privacy fence in your backyard.

Create A Beautiful Fence Garden With The Right Installation

20 June 2019
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Many people want to have a fence installed in order to protect your garden, while others might be curious about using the fence as a place to grow a garden on. If you want to have the garden look its best with the fencing included, it's best to see how you can implement landscaping around the fencing that you choose. Decide Between Climbing Ivy and Planters Depending on the type of fence you get, it may be possible for you to have climbing vines that can climb up the side of the fence posts. Read More …

Keep Up With Your Fence

3 February 2019
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No matter what it is that has caused you to have a chain link fence installed on your property, you need to maintain that fence. Some fences require more maintenance and care than others, but all fences need to receive attention when they are damaged or showing signs of excessive wear. The great news is that your fence will help you with whatever it was that caused you to have it installed. Read More …

4 Tips To Improve New Fencing Installations With Attractive Custom Features

4 October 2018
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There are many different options to consider for installing a new fence. Some of the custom features you add can be an attractive addition to outdoor spaces and landscaping. In an outdoor use space, adding lighting and seating that is integrated into fencing can be a valuable addition to your fence project. Adding posts to fencing in front of your business is something that can make your fence and business more attractive. Read More …

3 Reasons To Add Spiral Stairs To Your Home

21 August 2018
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If your home has multiple floors, then a staircase is required to provide access between each floor. There are many different types of staircases available. The design of the staircase that you select can have a dramatic impact on the function and aesthetic of your home. Spiral staircases are unique conduits that can offer you and your family a number of benefits. 1. Spiral staircases maximize space. A traditional staircase with a straight design can take up a lot of space in your home. Read More …

4 Tips To Keep Deer From Eating Your Garden

12 June 2018
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While looking out the window and seeing wildlife in your backyard can be very relaxing, seeing rabbits and deer eat the fruits of your labor in the garden is not. Here are four ways to keep deer out of your garden. 1. Use Liquid Fencing You can buy prepared chemicals to use around your plants. Unfortunately, while it is marked as safe for use on fruits and vegetables, you're still using chemicals on the things you plan on eating. Read More …